Sovereign class NCC-92701

** In June 2013 the USS Axanar became the successor to the USS Avalon, USS Poseidon and USS Swiftsure **

** As of December 2016, the crew moves on to a new gameverse with the USS Flambeau RPG.
The Farlong Reefs gameverse of the USS Axanar remains open to its players for simming.  The GM will run collective missions once a year. The Log page will report on general events.


Welcome to the USS AXANAR

a Star Trek PBEM Role Playing Game

"Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain

A veteran crew

The USS Axanar continues the adventures of the USS Avalon crew, transferred to their new flagship: a Sovereign class equipped with Quantum Slipstream Drive.

Their assignment

The fallout from the Hobus event keeps rippling from the Romulan Empire to the rest of the galaxy. Still based off the Farlong Reefs sector command in the Beta Quadrant, the crew will face the added challenges of the times, answering present wherever the Federation may need them.

Their starship

The Sovereign class Mk IV USS Axanar NCC-92701 was commissioned in 2386. Newly upgraded with Quantum Slipstream Drive at Sixth Fleet's Shipyards, the Axanar is the "carrier" variant that comes with a Fighter Wing.
Its extensive capabilities fit a role that encompasses patrol, exploration, command, defense and diplomacy.

Their motto

From shaping an evolving sector command at home to exploring distant abodes across space and time, the crew
of the USS Axanar will be, more than ever, true to their motto.

Dedication Plaque

We Hold The Line

Meritous Unit Citation

Logo Sixth Fleet  ReligiousTolerance.org attempts to describe dozens of religions, faith groups, and controversial religious and moral topics in an objective, balanced manner.
Meritous Ribbon x3

“Sixth Fleet Meritorious Citation Unit"

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